“I Like It But"

Abstract landscape painting by Tom Hlas, mixed media artist in Norfolk, CT.

“Beyond the Hills” 
©Tom Hlas 2014. All rights reserved.
Mixed Media on Paper, 5” x 7”

Over and over again, I, along with multitudes of other artists, have heard the comment, “I like your work but I just don’t have any more room in my house.”

What if (if one truly liked a painting or other work of art) that potential art buyer stepped out of her or his usual way of thinking and thought, “I like that and I’ll make a place for it in my home.”

It’s not too difficult to remove an existing painting or photograph that hangs on your wall, store it safely in a closet, cupboard or the attic and replace it with the new piece you admire. Not only do you get to enjoy new art for a while, but you’ll have the renewed joy of rotating back to the originally hung artwork when the mood strikes. A person might even try to acquire new art in sizes similar to artwork they already have so the pieces can be replaced without moving the nail or hanging hook.

Alternatively, if you have a painting or photograph hanging in your home, why not hang another work above it, below it or next to it? Hanging artwork vertically, one above another, can help open your living space visually by giving the impression of increased height in a room because the verticalness draws your eye upward; similarly, art hanging in horizontal groupings can have the effect of making a room seem longer or wider.

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