"Creativity: An Inside Look"

Abstract painting by Tom Hlas, Connecticut artist.

©Tom Hlas 2014. All rights reserved.
Mixed Media on Canvas, 56” x 46”

What is creativity?

Is it something some people have while others don’t, something innate or learned?

Is it the attribute or expression of being able to take mundane materials, languages, or ideas and turn them into something spectacular or at least innovative? 

Or is it simply a way of looking at something afresh, in a way others may not immediately see an object, situation or relationship?

Are creative people “creative” because they have recognized their own creativity or have they been deemed so by others?

While we may or may not be the next Michelangelo, Marie Curie, Jane Austen or Steve Jobs, I suggest creativity is the birthright of all individuals.

In what ways are you creative?

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