Tom Hlas Patterns for Living-Simplicity mixed media painting-400

“Patterns for Life: Simplicity”
Mixed Media on Paper, 7” x 5"
©Tom Hlas 2015. All rights reserved.

Abstract Mixed Media Paintings

I refer to my paintings as a geography of the heart and mind. Often times my art is informed by memories and my current thoughts. At other times, my paintings are inspired by the colors and sights around me, especially the ever changing sky and rural landscapes.

My work is about a sense of place, a place where one can go to be at home. Perhaps that's why having an experience of depth when one views my art is so important to me. 

One can readily see an element or symbol that’s a part of my mark making is a circle which in turn morphs into meandering squiggles, dots, arches and bowl shapes. The circle is a primal mark denoting creation, infinity, unity and wholeness with its sacredness and sensuality.

I find inspiration in childhood memories, family stories, rural life and my Czech heritage. I find a kinship in the abstract expressionists and color field painters of yesteryear as well as the print makers and minimalist artists of today.

© Tom Hlas 2004-2015