"Behold the Beauty or Not"

Small collage painting by Tom Hlas, Connecticut mixed media artist.

“Patterns for Living: Simplicity” 
©Tom Hlas 2015. All rights reserved.
Mixed Media on Paper, 7” x 5”

For several years I’ve reflected on, or at least noticed, how the beauty of the objects I own affects me. 

I admit, I do like beautiful objects around me; which is not to say the items need to be expensive or valuable nor do I need to be surrounded by a lot of possessions. 

But the question arises, “Why do I like some objects more than others?” 

I’ve come to realize time and time again when I see or touch some objects, I feel a sense of joy whereas with other objects I don’t. It could because of its color, texture, finish, shape or even a pleasant memory of who gave it to me.

Similarly, I’ve been thinking about clutter, or more precisely, the act of decluttering.

Perhaps it’s time to take inventory and discard or pass along to others those possessions that no longer kindle a sense of joy within me.

“A Simple Gift"

Mixed media collage painting by Tom Hlas, abstract artist in Connecticut.

“Patterns for Living: Encouragement” 
©Tom Hlas 2015. All rights reserved.
Mixed Media on Paper, 7” x 5”

It seems there’s so much hate in the world today. Has it always been the case? Or are we more aware of it because of the ubiquitous news and social media that permeate our lives?

What if each day, every woman, man and child offered a big smile and cheerful greeting to someone they didn’t know?

It may be a simplistic idea but perhaps it may be the candle that lights the darkness, a way to tell the recipient, “I don’t know you or what you’re dealing with but we’re in this world together.“

Could that glimmer of shared joy be contagious? Could it be the Achilles' heel in the armor of divisiveness?

“The Key to Joy"

Small assemblage painting by Connecticut mixed media artist, Tom Hlas.

“Patterns for Living: Confidence”
©Tom Hlas 2015. All rights reserved. 
Mixed Media on Paper, 7” x 5”

How do you find balance in your life? 

How do you let life’s positive moments outshine the negative emotions that infiltrate your days and nights when you hear of tragedy, pain and violence happening around the world or in your own inner circle of friends and family?

It may not be easy to do but it’s critical for continued mental health for one to tip the scales toward goodness and kindness and inspire others to find happiness and peace amid the daunting threat of suffering.

The path to daily joy and well-being is the not same for everyone. But it’s inside everyone. Give it some thought; search and find your key. And help others do the same in their own way.

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