“A Simple Gift"

Mixed media collage painting by Tom Hlas, abstract artist in Connecticut.

“Patterns for Living: Encouragement” 
©Tom Hlas 2015. All rights reserved.
Mixed Media on Paper, 7” x 5”

It seems there’s so much hate in the world today. Has it always been the case? Or are we more aware of it because of the ubiquitous news and social media that permeate our lives?

What if each day, every woman, man and child offered a big smile and cheerful greeting to someone they didn’t know?

It may be a simplistic idea but perhaps it may be the candle that lights the darkness, a way to tell the recipient, “I don’t know you or what you’re dealing with but we’re in this world together.“

Could that glimmer of shared joy be contagious? Could it be the Achilles' heel in the armor of divisiveness?

© Tom Hlas 2004-2022
All Rights Reserved.