Take an art class with Tom.
 They’re fun, informal and rewarding!


I offer a variety of classes on acrylic painting, mixed media, collage and other creative techniques.

My classes are taught primarily online via Zoom although I occasionally teach classes and workshops in person. My Zoom classes are all recorded in the event a registrant needs to miss a class she or he can watch the recorded session. Some of my students register for classes knowing they will not be able to attend any of the sessions live. Instead, they participate in the class on their own schedule via the recordings.

As well as providing demonstrations, tips and techniques, an important element of my classes is the interaction of all the participants, their questions, concerns and the sharing of their work. I think community is an important ingredient in artists’ lives. It is my hope that my classes help fill the need for community in a safe, caring and instructional atmosphere.

New Class in March 2024

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