"To Touch or Not"


“Entrance” ©Tom Hlas 2013. All rights reserved.
 Mixed Media on Paper, 7" x 5"

It's not easy to explain but you know that feeling of sitting around with comfortable people, whether friends, family or a new acquaintance. It's that homey sense of shared conversation, a meal, a drink or the cozy silence between spoken words.

What can be more important than being content with oneself and with others?

It requires a certain amount of vulnerability and openness to let someone into your mental and emotional space and allow them to move around in it freely.

Perhaps that's the difference between art that connects with others and art that doesn't. It's not a question of relating with the multitudes but an issue of quality, a bond with the few and a matter of hearts joined together.

Let down your guard and let your spirit be moved.

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