“Dream Big"

Wings of Thought 400

“Wings of Thought”
©Tom Hlas 2018. All rights reserved.
Mixed Media on Paper, 7-1/2” x 6”

If you had a magic wand to wave and with it could get anything and everything you wanted out of life, what would you want?

I was asked that very question a few days ago and I have to admit I was stymied.

At first I thought answers would come easily and quickly: everyone knows what they want, right?

But if you let the question simmer and wash over your mind or even sit on your shoulders with the weight of the world, how would you answer it?

What do you want, really want, out of relationships, finances, material possessions, emotions, responsibilities, pleasure, health or security?

Have you voiced any of those desires to anyone? 

Who knows, if you say it, you may actually get it!

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