"Do More"

tom-hlas over-there-three

“Over There: Three”
©Tom Hlas 2016. All rights reserved.
Mixed Media on Wood Panel, 12” x 12”

What do you do that’s important to you?

Is it opening your home and sharing good times with family and friends?

Is it waking early in the morning to greet the sunrise or close the day with a beautiful sunset?

Is it spending time with those less fortunate than you or with one who’s having a down day yet who seems to have every advantage in life?

Is it working hard, yet working smart, in order to provide for those in your care?

Or is it taking some “me time” so you have the physical, mental and spiritual energy needed to attend to all that comes your way each day?

Whatever it is, do more of that — and don’t be surprised if the number of things important to you increases along the way.

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